Monday, September 7, 2009

crazy for coconuts

A friend of mine called me a couple of nights ago in a panic. She was enjoying a snack of some lovely coconut when her boyfriend googled and found out that coconut has a lot of saturated fat, and told her to stop eating it immediately. She asked for my help to settle the fight. I promised this blog which was inspired by her conundrum.

First of all, coconut is rich in protein and is high in fiber. It is good for your digestive health in addition to a whole host of vitamins and minerals such as iodine which is great for thyroid health. It is also great for your metabolism. And, like other foods high in fiber, it can actually help lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, and provide a vehicle to move excess fat and cholesterol out of the body.

But, to answer her question, the kind of saturated fat in coconut is actually very special and does not raise cholesterol or contribute to heart disease, you can learn more about this at: Another benefit of coconut is that it is actually antibacterial and good for your immune system (this is common for foods that are white, like garlic).

But, what I think her boyfriend was saying is something a little bit different.... and I beg you... please eat fat, you need it, eating fat is not what makes you fat! You need it for a healthy brain, among other things. And, when you see "fat free" please read "full of chemicals", it's a safe bet that they had to replace it with something created in a lab. Please take care of yourself, and give your body what it needs. hope you are well, big kiss xxtbone

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