Monday, November 23, 2009

stretch it out

Have you ever noticed when you get stressed in life, your whole body feels more tense? I think it has something to do with the "fight or flight" response, you become ready for battle. I know a lot of people who run to the gym to work out their issues and to "blow off some steam" with a tough work out. Which is great, but... I would like to offer this bit of advice: stretch it out. You'll find the benefits of stretching will extend far beyond the simple fact of stretching your muscles, tendons, etc.

In addition to the obvious benefits of stretching, such as improved circulation, and increased mobility in your joints... You will feel more open.

Your increased flexibility in your body will translate into feeling more flexible in your everyday life. Those little things that bother you may just bounce right off or you may be better able to bend with them rather than fight against them. You'll also gain a sense of accomplishment as small challenges become more manageable. Take the time to notice the areas of tightness in your body, breathe and give them the space they need to work them selves out. This also helps you to do the same when faced with a challenge in your day. You'll also notice that it becomes easier the more you do it, your body will love you for it, and all you encounter will be thankful. Soon enough you'll be doing those splits again! Hope you're well, big kiss xx tbone