Monday, July 27, 2009

s'more please

Hi friends, sorry I've been neglecting you for the past few weeks. You've been on my mind and there are many things I want to share with you. Let's start with smores. I got a little obsessed with smores for about 2 weeks. This has been my favorite "upgrade" in a while. And, as you can tell by the photos, I am officially a city girl now... sorry New Hampshire, but you can easily make smores on your gas stove top when you don't have a campfire handy. I made them a few different ways but using graham crackers, and marshmallows that have short ingredients lists containing real food not chemicals and without high fructose corn syrup make for a great and nourishing treat. Also, when choosing your chocolate bar go for organic, free trade, high quality chocolate when you can. I liked it with very dark dark chocolate but wasn't quite the smore of my childhood, but was thankful for the antioxidants in my sweet treat. Organic milk chocolate does a great stand in for the Hershey bar! There is just something so fun about eating smores, they are gooey and delicious, and so satisfying to make and share. Hope you are enjoying your summer and hope you are well, big kiss xxtbone