Friday, May 29, 2009

on the rebound

Trampolines are awesome, I'm sure you already knew that. I got this one for my apartment a couple of months ago and am totally into it. First of all, it's really fun to jump on a trampoline. It let's me feel silly and free. But, that's not the best part about it... it is actually really good for your body. It is great exercise and not as hard on your knees as running but it also does wonders for your Lymph System (lymph is the liquid between everything inside your body... you've got blood in your veins and lymph everywhere else). The "rebounding" as it is called stimulates this system and promotes circulation. It helps combat depression (who can be depressed jumping on a trampoline?), is energizing, improves digestion, and can help you sleep better at night. Plus, you can do it while you watch tv. I actually keep mine in my kitchen and bounce on it while I wait for water to boil or tea to steep. Jump away, it will help you feel great! big kiss, xxtbone

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

vitamin d is good for me

So, I was just on vacation and spent quite a bit of time in the sun. And while I do enjoy getting my share of Vitamin D from the sweet rays of the sun, I also like to protect my skin. I tried a couple of different sunscreens recently and want to share what I learned with you. I know, I know, you'd think I would want to use a much "stronger" sunblock but I do like to be tan... don't judge.

It is likely that you're not getting enough Vitamin D, especially if you wear sunscreen all of the time. This can lead to rickets and poor absorption of other vitamins and minerals including calcium. If you want to read more about this here are a couple of links to check out of varying viewpoints:

This one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! I love love love this suncreen from the company Alba Botanica. The lotion has a nice and light feel and a wonderful scent. This goes on smoothly, easily, and absorbs quickly. It also has a terriffic smell, it's like grapefruit and beer... like a nice summer ale for your skin. It would be a great daily lotion if you like to wear sunscreen all of the

This was my least favorite. I don't know what those folks were thinking over at Burt's Bees... This one, although "not sticky" as they claim, feels awful. It leaves a slightly iridescent white layer all over your skin that doesnot sink in. It left white streaks on my black bathing suit that looked like deodorant and was just as difficult to get off. The scent was pleasant, sort of like vanilla cake. It does however feel the most sunblockish, like coating yourself in zinc oxide.

If you are looking for a "fragrance free" sunscreen this one was nice, also from Alba Botanica. It was more creamy than the first but not as thick as the second. I didn't mind wearing it and didn't feel like yucky sunscreen to apply. The only drawback I found in this case was that, and not to be gross, my skin felt really sweaty in the sun. I'm not one who sweats profusely so maybe this was just me... but it was certainly uncharacteristic and worth noting... if you try it let me know if you had the same reaction. It was weird for sure, but otherwise it was fine.

You can order any of these from (which is where I got all the pics, thanks amazon) and have them delivered to your home or office. It's about to be summer time, better to be protected without adding more chemicals to your life. Hope you are well. big kiss, xxtbone