Thursday, May 6, 2010

adventure date

Happy Spring friends... the weather has been incredible here in NYC. And, I would love to share a fun idea with you. Book an adventure date with yourself. You can invite others along as well, but the most important person to show up is you.

I just recently had a really fun afternoon in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden... with my camera. No plans, no expectations, just fun. A great reason to get myself out, get a nice walk in, surround myself with nature, and gain inspiration.

I really find that when I change my situation I feel energized... and that can mean taking a new dance class, putting on an outfit that makes me feel good, shaking up my routine by walking a different route than usual, anything that awakens my physical senses. It is how I energize my resources so I feel more resourceful.

I would like to invite you to see what makes you feel energized. Shake things up. Take a walk with yourself, see something new... it doesn't mean you have to travel to Tahiti (although, sounds like a great idea!). Challenge yourself in a new way. Have fun. Play. Hope you are well. big hug xxtbone

here's a couple more pics for you... enjoy :)

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