Friday, February 26, 2010

un-sick soup

Just to jump off today's earlier post about the wonder that is the Neti Pot... here's a quick recipe for the soup I came up with for lunch today. Matt (my boyfriend) is home sick from work, so I have had healing the flu on my mind... and figured it might help you too. So, here you have it:

un-sick soup

in a soup pot or reasonably sized sauce pan:

heat 2 Tbs olive oil on medium heat


4 minced garlic cloves, let cook 1-2 min (about the time it took to chop the mushrooms)

12 chopped shiitake mushrooms, let cook 3-4 min (about the time it took to wash and chop kale)

1 bunch rinsed and chopped kale

saute for a few minutes until kale turns bright green, and mushrooms are tender

add 4 cups vegetable broth

a few shakes cayenne pepper, a few shakes garam masala, a splash of toasted sesame oil, and a splash tamari (or soy sauce if you're not gluten free)- to taste

bring to a boil, and simmer for 5-10 minutes until you feel it's done


He really enjoyed this soup. "I love this soup!" was the actual response. And confirmed that it really helped to open up his sinuses, cut through the junk, helped him feel a bit better.... and led to a nap (to complete the perfect equation of healing the flu... broth + sleep=better). If you need it, hope it helps you feel better too. (I enjoyed it as well, and am not feeling sick... it's really a tasty soup.) Hope you're not sick too. big hug xxtbone

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